Thoughtimus® Company Information

Our company is small and based in Ithaca, NY, USA.  It was founded by Dr. Gary M. Thompson, a professor in the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.  He developed the original version of ScheduleWhiz® Academic (originally called SchedulExpert) to meet the needs of the Hotel School.  Based on its successful use there, we've extended the capability of that software for multi-site, full-campus course scheduling. 

Since our initial offering of ScheduleWhiz® Academic on the Internet in March 1999, the software has gone through over 500 new releases, based largely on the requests and suggestions of our customers.

Where did we get the name? Thoughtimus® is a combination of the words 'Thought' and 'Optimus'. Since 'optimus' means 'best', 'Thoughtimus®' stands for "best thought." We work very hard to ensure our software captures that philosophy.

How does one pronounce Thoughtimus®? We pronounce it like 'thawt-tim-us' (or 'thought-tim-us'), though you can say it anyway you like.

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